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Dear Friend,

Are you searching for answers, solutions, and peace of mind? If there is a child with Down’s Syndrome in your life, then you most certainly are. Like any mother or caring individual faced with such a life changing reality, you may be at a place where your head is spinning and your heart is broken.

Perhaps the joyful dreams you had for your child have given way to worry and uncertainty of what the future holds. Sure, loving your baby was always part of your plan, but Down’s Syndrome was not!

Perhaps you find yourself asking questions like…

  • What did I do wrong?
  • I was not prepared for Down’s Syndrome! How am I going to raise my child?
  • Will Down’s Syndrome be the end of all the hopes and dreams I have for my little one’s future?
  • Will my child ever be able to care for herself?

Let me reassure you by saying, You Didn’t Do Anything Wrong! You CAN raise a self sufficient, happy, and fulfilled child with Down’s Syndrome. Those dreams for your baby’s happiness and success have not been lost. They just require some adjustments.

While we all know that no child comes with an ‘Owner’s Manual,’ there are answers and solutions to make your life with a Down’s Syndrome child not only manageable but joyful and fulfilling! But before I share them with you, let me give you a peak into my life as a parent of a Down’s child.


When the doctor told me that the newborn I held in my arms has Trisomy 21 or Down’s Syndrome, a lifetime condition with a spectrum of retardation, I was stunned and angry that he could be so sure of his diagnosis.
I was fearful of the future and was paralyzed with thoughts. 

Down Syndrome Mom and ChildI worried about the worst things that could happen, that mercifully never came to pass.
In my grief, my mind practically blocked out gentle assurances that science and medicine had advanced so much.I could not hear how my daughter stood a great chance of leading a productive, full, and reasonably long life given proper health care.

My doctor’s comforting words fell on deaf ears and grieving eyes.
I only heard a barely audible weak cry; saw flaccid limbs and a lax mouth that could not suck for proper feeding.I watched in frustration

as the nurse fed my precious baby girl milk from a dropper. I couldn’t even have that first feeding experience that I had dreamed about during my entire pregnancy.

In my ignorance, I was not prepared to accept that she was “different.” 

With shame, my first question was not, “Doctor, will she be alright?” but “Doctor, could you possibly be wrong?” fully dreading the reply I already knew in my heart.
It would take some time before I could embrace the truth that parents who have successfully raised Down’s kids already knew and lived by—with a lot of love, patience and understanding… 

I would soon find joy in her uniqueness, rejoice as she hurdles challenges, and be her biggest cheerleader with every small victory. 

After 7 years, a bright, well-adjusted, healthy, energetic, and independent kid brimming with sunshine stands before me as a living testimony that it’s okay to have special flowers that bloom later than most, unfurling bit by bit, surprising you with their loveliness and fragrance… and that it’s okay for doctors to be so right and for me to be so very happily wrong.

At this point, you may feel an understandable mix of self-pity and hopelessness about your situation. You CAN recover from your worries and baby blues…as I did. With the right knowledge and tips, you too can experience the joy and success of parenting that you have always dreamed of.  I pray that you and your partner recover fast from the baby blues because there are a whole lot of support and tools available to help you experience the joy and success of parenting you’ve always desired.

With The Right Resources You’ll Be Able To…

  • Understand how your doctor can – and will – determine if your unborn baby has Down’s Syndrome.
  • Discover how to build an emotional bond with your baby that is so strong, together you will overcome any challenge.
  • Learn about related health risks that occur regularly in Down’s Syndrome individuals (bad eyes, heart issues, etc) so you know what to watch for. You must know what to watch for, so you can see the symptoms and catch things before they become serious.
  • Walk through exactly what Down’s Syndrome is and isn’t. Understanding your child’s condition is the first step to accepting it and meeting every challenge head on…with success as a result!
  • Give your little one the exact support and assistance they need for a fulfilling and happy life. Read about the different levels and classifications within Down’s Syndrome to find out where your child falls on the line.
  • Discover the therapy options available for those with Down’s Syndrome. The good news is there are a ton of available resources and support for you and your child! But, it can be overwhelming and even confusing to find and understand them. My guide will give it to you straight and simple! 

 With your love and support you CAN reduce the developmental delay of your child.

I like to say that every parent is their child’s first teacher.

“We were told that our daughter Angela would start walking at 3—she took her first baby steps at 1 year 2 months and was running at two years old. We were told she would start talking at 5—she started talking by 3 and is now a somewhat bossy 7-year-old who can read and write.”

So after seven years and triumph after triumph I decided…

Why Not Make The Ability To Successfully Raise A Happy And Healthy Down’s Syndrome Child Available To Everyone!!!

I decided to combine all the research. This resource contains all the hours I spent researching the answers to my own questions and those of other parents I have met. It is a a single solution that’ll make what seems like an impossible situation one of the greatest joys of your life.
You’ll get all the answers to your most pressing questions about Down’s Syndrome, plus encouragement and peace of mind that’ll allow you to press ahead with hope and strength when you invest in:

How to Live, Love and Succeed with Down Syndrome

Down Syndrome Book Cover ImageHow to Live, Love and Succeed with Down Syndrome will enable you to get the answers you need for raising a Down’s Syndrome child without having to spend hours blindly searching and learning by trial and error.
You’ll get over one hundred pages , packed with useful and practical information. Don’t worry, it’s a very easy and even enjoyable read. Laugh with me through personal stories and relate to similar situations in your own life.
All of this was gained through my own personal experience, as well as input from hundreds of other mothers. It is my life, day in and day out.You see, I am very proud of How to Live, Love and Succeed with Down Syndrome. Because it is the most complete and practical resource for raising a child with Down’s Syndrome that I have ever found. Why? Because, it is a book written by a mom for moms with a Down’s Syndrome child. Just like you, I am in the trenches, living this experience and overcoming it every day!

Just Take A Look At What’s Covered In This Complete Guide!

  • Chapter 1: Doctor, Could You Be Wrong? – Like most parents who find out that their child will be coming into the world with Down’s Syndrome, I had to work through fears, doubts, and many other emotions. Read how I overcame the unexpected news and you can too.
  • Chapter 2: What Is Down Syndrome? – Let me explain all the technical words and complicated science in terms that you can understand. Down’s Syndrome does not have to be such a huge overwhelming condition.
  • Chapter 3: Baby Love – Since a Down’s baby has different challenges than other babies, you will want to know how to rise to these challenges. I will show you simple adjustments you can make to help your child with sensory stimulation that will help close the gap and speed your child’s development.
  • Chapter 4: The First Days – Bringing home any newborn is both an exciting and overwhelming time. You’ll need support and reassurance from family, friends, and professionals. In this book, I walk you through how to negotiate the tricky waters of well-meaning family and friends. Plus, I give you the scoop on crucial tests to have done in the first few weeks of life with your newborn.
  • Chapter 5: Growing Minds–Family as the First Teacher – I don’t think there’s a single parent I know who doesn’t want the very best in happiness and success for their child. With a Down’s Syndrome baby, that does not change. Discover what you can do to close the gap and speed up your child’s development. When you get connected with your child, you’ll be able to make great strides.
  • Chapter 6: The World of Speech – Mild or severe, any difficulty in communicating with your little one can be frustrating for both parent and child. Take heart, I have struggled with these same obstacles and come out on top! I can help you navigate the landmines in dealing with speech pathologists and supposed “experts” so that you can determine what is best for YOUR child and how to help him/her develop correct and understandable speech.
  • Chapter 7: More Than Words – Down’s children have unique ways of learning common things. They are more experience driven and require lots of repetition. Discover my secrets for how you can adapt every day lessons to make sure your little one gets the message.
  • Chapter 8: Primer on Inclusion, Integration and Mainstreaming - Get the up-to-date scoop on what rights your Down’s Syndrome child has, so you can make the best decision about their educational path and be their biggest advocate.
  • Chapter 9: Going Forward: Structured Home & School - Providing routine and structure is not only helpful for you and your child, it is absolutely critical for their success. Does that mean you can never be spontaneous again? Of course not! Structure does not make life boring. Instead, it tells your child how to succeed. I’ll show you how to make those expectations clear, fun, and attainable.
  • …And Even More!!!


FREE Bonus #1 – “Success Strategies – Special Needs Education and Early Intervention” (Special Report)

No two children are alike; typical and Down’s children are all unique. Given that our children need more help, we need to create not just a positively influencing environment for them but we also need to be able to leverage what is provided by government as a given right.

This guide makes clear the importance of special needs education and the steps to achieve success. Our children benefit from experiences as similar as possible to those of typical kids but they need extra help along the way.

They need to go to school and learn adaptive skills, to participate in family and community activities, and to be able to bridge the communication gap. But there will be blatant differences we have to face. Our children may need personalized instruction to comprehend learning concepts, more time to learn new skills, more help in finishing assignments, and may work best with modified materials for better assimilation at their level.

Early intervention is a key part of the needs of our children and can be essential to getting them up to speed…and keeping them there.

What can you do to help maximize the learning potential of your child? In this guide, I will show you how to recognize the problem areas that come with teaching kids with Down syndrome, and many steps you can take to prevent and resolve them.

Value $16.00

FREE Bonus #2 – “The Power of Structured Learning – Achieving Extraordinary Results” (Special Report)

Experts recognize that there are important factors for educational success for our loved ones to thrive in school and become independent. A key factor for success is using the principles of structured learning. Two of the most important factors include attendance in mainstream schools, and a mother’s educational achievement and knowledge about DS.

The last item contributes to success because the more knowledgeable the mother is, the more aware she is of the good effect early mainstreaming has on early childhood development.

Having our children attend mainstream classes is crtically important…but it often results in our children lagging behind. In this special guide we explain how to ensure your child succeeds in a mainstream classroom. I provide tips and techniques to seamless integrate your child in a “normal” classroom…without falling behind.

Another success factor is to effectively use a Speech Language Pathologist. We explain how to find a  good SLP and how to choose tools appropriate given your child’s individual needs.

  • This invaluable guide also includes…
  • How to Effectively Work with the School in Developing an IEP or Individualized Education Plan
  • 6 Tips to Make Reading Fun
  • 4 Tips to Build Vocabulary and Aid Reading
  • The Importance of Positive Affirmations
  • 6 Ideas to Make Your House Learning Friendly
  • How and Why to Use a Structured Approach for Teaching Your Child
  • Establishing, Interpreting and Revising Goals

Value $16.00


FREE Bonus #3 – “Thirty-Five Tips to Help Your Child Read” (Special Report)

What does it mean to be to have a son or daughter who learns to read easily and early? For most mom’s with a Down syndrome loved one, reading can be a challenging and frustrating experience.

With these invaluable tips, gleaned from dozens of other moms, you will be able to help your child advance and excel in school.

You can start when your child is a baby…yes you can start this young. Babies love to hear your voice. Use this behavior to help your little tike read.

Children gain a love of reading before they enter school. Toddlers and preschoolers will emulate you.  Easily build your child’s vocabulary using simple steps other moms have successfully used.

First through third grade are critical ages. You child will be asking a lot of questions about the world around him. Understand how to stimulate his imagination by selecting specific books that answer these questions.

Did you know that consistency is critical to gaining a love of reading? Know how to encourage reading with your loved one … and what approach is appropriate at different ages.

  • Four effective steps to make reading fun.
  • Why taking turns improves both of your enjoyment of reading.
  • Fourth through sixth grade is the most critical age. Despite often doing well academically in school, these years can be the most dangerous.  Four effective and proven techniques to navigate the reading process and succeed in school.
  • Discouragement and boredom doom many early readers. See how other parents cope and successfully overcome these issues.
  • Use a simple and fun game to aid the reading process.
  • Identify and avoid the single biggest distraction preventing your child from reading.
  • Use a trip to the zoo or baking cookies to help your child’s reading and comprehension skills…understand how.
  • …and much more

Value $7.00


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Full package

  • How to Live, Love and Succeed with Down Syndrome Value $49.00
  • Success Strategies – Special Needs Education and Early Intervention Value $16.00
  • The Power of Structured Learning – Achieving Extraordinary Results Value $16.00
  • Thirty-Five Tips to Help Your Child Read Value $7.00

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I’ve Included “Must Have” Quick Lists And Tips That You’ll Come To Rely On Daily.  Just Take A Look!


  • Three tips for explaining Down’s Syndrome to your friends and family members.
  • Five tips for helping your Down’s child develop self-esteem.
  • Four critical assessments to have done in the first days of your newborn’s life.
  • 12 Tips for new moms of a Down’s Syndrome baby.
  • Three best practices for early development.
  • Plus all kinds of practical tips for helping your child develop confidence, physical health, and strength.

How will your loved one with Down’s Syndrome learn to function self-sufficiently?

Your child’s chance at success starts from day one. It’s what YOU choose to do each and every day, that will provide the best opportunity for success in every area.

I want my loved one to have a happy and successful life, so send me my book RISK FREE.


Now, I am not telling you that life with a Down’s Syndrome child is a cake walk. It is filled with challenges that can be exhausting both emotionally and physically. But, it is also not without reward. You will celebrate and rejoice with each hurdle that you and your child overcome. Perhaps you’ll find yourself celebrating more than most moms, because the same goal met by an average child took more effort and dedication on the part of you and your little one.

Okay, So What’s The Cost For Access To Information That Will Help You Set Your Little One On The Path To A Healthy And Happy Life?!

You can spend countless hours of time banging your head against the wall. Believe me, I used to be there! But, eventually you’ll find out that…

Knowledge really is Power when it comes to Down’s Syndrome.

You have taken a major step forward by looking for resources and help to raise a Down’s Syndrome child. You deserve a huge pat on the back! But more than that, you’re going to need a support system of your own.

Why not choose How to Live, Love and Succeed with Down Syndrome as part of that support system?

It will give you the most important and helpful information for beginning your journey as a parent of such a unique individual. Time and time again, you’ll find yourself returning to this book for answers, reassurance, and direction.

Believe me, I wish I had How to Live, Love and Succeed with Down Syndrome when I was told that my beautiful little girl would be born with this condition. It would have saved me hours of frustration, stress, fear, and sleepless nights.

You can get everything you need to begin your journey as a successful parent and triumph over Down’s Syndrome for a low price of $39.

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You Might Be Skeptical About Whether Any Resource Can Give You
The Tools You Need And The Comfort You Seek.

That’s OK…I’ve been there! Before watching my own daughter overcome every challenge with grace and strength, I felt the same way. That’s why I’m offering the following 100% Risk Free Guarantee:

Down Syndrome 60-day Guarantee

Yes, Craig, I want my Down Syndrome loved one to benefit right away!

I feel this is as fair as I could be! That means you can try out How to Live, Love and Succeed with Down Syndrome at my risk. See if it works for you or not. And if it doesn’t produce, I honestly want you to ask for your money back!! But I’m sure you’ll find this book to be so helpful, you’ll never want to let it out of your sight.

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I wouldn’t have spent the time and effort creating How to Live, Love and Succeed with Down Syndrome and writing this letter to you if I didn’t think it would provide you with the answers, direction, and reassurance that every parent of a Down’s child needs!


You Really Can’t Afford NOT To Invest In How to Live, Love and Succeed with Down Syndrome!


Right now, you have two choices: You can either continue to wander aimlessly, without any guidance. Or you can take action today, right now, by investing in How to Live, Love and Succeed with Down Syndrome. And start taking a proactive and positive approach toward Down’s Syndrome. Doesn’t your child deserve that? 

This choice is yours.

Imagine the happiness and fulfillment you expected your little one to bring, when you first found out you were expecting. That is still available to you. You can start taking active steps toward that goal instantly when you take action and order How to Live, Love and Succeed with Down Syndrome.

So order today, right now, while it’s still hot on your mind. And be prepared to experience success and joy for both you and your little one!



Craig Kendall


I want to help my loved one cope with Down Syndrome.

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P.S. Imagine being able to feel hopeful and confident about what tomorrow will bring. How to Live, Love and Succeed with Down Syndrome was created to enable you to conquer this condition as fast as possible. The best part is you’re backed by my 60-day guarantee. So order today!

P.P.S. One more thing, it’s important: I reserve the right to raise the price of  How to Live, Love and Succeed with Down Syndrome based on demand. So invest in  How to Live, Love and Succeed with Down Syndrome while this offer is still up!

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"Your book was an answer to prayer and we’re thankful for all the insight it provided. It gave us a grip on what had seemed so “vague” before and provided practical “how-to’s” on how to cope with this condition."

"Great book! Two High Fives and a big Hug to you Craig for all your strength in getting this out there to us! Thanks again!"

"I have found your books both helpful and a big relief on how to help my grandson...They have offered so much help and hope that I find it hard to describe. God Bless you for your hard work and your caring so much that you do what you do. Thank you so much for what you are doing."

"I just started your book 2 days ago. It's like I’ve been starving & it's food! It's nice to read stuff where I don't feel like my 7 yr old is defective."

"I found the book very interesting and very helpful to know there is an answer."

"I sincerely appreciate your honesty, and the width and depth of the information you have provided. Thank you most sincerely for what you have done."

"I thank you again for your time consuming work on this book to benefit all of us who have the responsibility of being the best parents we can to of special children."

"It helps me to connect with other parents, learn more and feel like I am not alone."

"I enjoy and appreciate the information, anything to help my son and my own understanding of what life is like for Nicholas."

"Your books have been very helpful...With this information I now feel that I can help in a small way to give her and her family a better understanding of what she goes through. Thank you for all your hard work in compiling these books and guides. Job well done."

"God bless you for the good work that you are doing."